Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peace Contest!!!

 This is the first contest i join!

 Tekan kat gambar di atas tuk join. :)

owkaayyyy..sejak dh kena tagged ngn Cik Keysha(under18rm blogshop), so jom tengok kita peace mcm mana plak..

This pic was taken in Genting by Nadila while waiting for our turn for rollercoaster ride (4seats)..
Apalagi kan bila dah duk beratuq punya la pjg tuh mesti amik gmbar byk2 nk abeskan masa kan..bila suma posing tepi kanan kiri bawah dah tapi still tak sampai turn kitorg lagik jadik tggl peace ja la jawabnya..hehehe..Peace-ing sampai tertutup mata abes..muka huduh! :)

I want to tag 3 awesome people to join this awesome contest too:

This contest end on 1st January 2011.

Peace no war. :D :D

P/S: thanks cik keysha for inviting me ya.. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crocheted Laptop Cover #2!!

Here's another laptop cover i just finished!Measurement is the same as #1 so please check it out or email me for any inquiries..

Click at the image to enlarge.

Color: Light Pink+Pink+Purple (SOLD)
Price: RM 60.00
Code: A 011

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Katra Headband!!

New headbands that i made. These headbands are tie-at-the-back type. u ever wonder y i always made this type of headband instead of using elastic band? it bcoz it easier to wear, it always stay on my head - i dont have to adjust it every time i move my head at all, n adjustable - u know how sometimes when u buy a headband it might be too tight n tends to slide up or too loose. with these lovelies u dont have to worry any of it at all! :)

Click at the image to enlarge.

H 075: Blue
H 076: Yellow
H 077: Purple
H 078: Green
H 079: Pink

Price: RM 8.00 (Each)

*The middle stones may be differ from the picture because of multiple remake.