Friday, December 30, 2011

Pencil Case..Again..

Hello had been ages i didnt update my blogggg..but it didnt mean my hands stopped from chrocheting..been looking around my room n stuff n realized that my old pencil case need an upgrading! so heres my new pencil case..tadaaaaa..

Granny square is the easiest pattern to make n i love the variety of colors u can put together. 

The inside view. I hand saw fabric n zip together. The zip part quite tedious for me to sew.Ouch.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Water Bottle Cover!!!

I bought a new water bottle..But it's not the color i like so i had this idea to make a cover for it..Let's take a look.. :)

This is the original look. Very unattractive plain.

Tadaaaaa..I love this coverrr..It has my fave color which is RED.. :) :)

A close-up.

Thanks for viewing. Hope u have a great weekend! :) :) :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Granny Square Slippers!!!

i love granny square! who doesnt rite? i made the indoor slippers with granny squares after i browsed the internet like a thousand times as for gifts for my friends who was going to graduated LAST YEAR..yes, u've heard it rite, last year..procrastinating, thats me.. =) ive been forever keeping the pictures in my laptop n then this lazy mood struck me ever since until now..sooo here we are!

This was for my best friend in university, Deckie who return back to Sarawak. 

 This beautiful pair went to Naim.

Lastly, i gave this one to my best friend in matriculation, Juliana.

Thanks for viewing guys! =)

Cover Laptop!!!

Hey guys! its been a looooong time since my last entry. Well ive been busy with my training as a Customer Service Executive..n oh how r u guys after 4 days fasting? still standing? =)

Here the cover laptop that my customer ordered..i used the star pattern for this cover as i was just learning about it right then when i got her order..The cover is 11.3 inches in length n 8.5 inches in width..i'm glad she satisfied with it.. =)

 Rainbow! :)

Status: SOLD

*Plz excuse the pic quality..*

Thanks for viewing! n Happy Fasting to any Muslims who dropped by.. =)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Soteria Headband!!!

This is new creation of headband that i made. U can order other color if the given pic below not to your liking.. :)

 Example how to wear it. *image credits to google*

Even headband famous on the runaway. *image credits to google*

H 083: Gray
H 084: Brown
H 085: Purple
H 086: Red

Price: RM 12.00 (Each)

 Two buttons at the back for adjustment.

*The buttons may be differ from the picture because of multiple remake.*

Merry-go-round bracelet!!

I made these gorgeous merry-go-round bracelet according to my customers specifications. I had fun while making these bracelets.


Last month i moved to Kuala Lumpur so i wanted to give my former manager and her husband some gift as a token of gratitude for all the great experiences n knowledge they taught me while i was working with them..i really really happy working with them..thank u Mrs Lilian and Mr Cheah..u guys really coool n superb bosses ever! :) :)

 I made this scarf for Ms Lilian.

The real close-up of the pattern.

 A rose clip for little embellishment.

This blue scarf is more suitable for Mr Cheah.

I hope they have an opportunity to wear 'em when weather permits - i doubt that what with our country weather is hot, hot and HOT. :p

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cascade Crochet Afghan.

Hello loveliesss! Last month i had finish crocheting this beautiful afghan. I have been thinking to make an afghan quite a long time but I just didn't have enough courage to start it cause it seems to be such  a loooong hard work. And this afghan is no exception cause it took me 2 month to finish it. I almost gave up halfway of it but thanks to my friend who verbally helped me n keep listening to my non-stop whining while I was forcing my way 'til the end.

I was just googling around just to give me an idea for my next project n i found this absolutely beauuutifuulll afghan pattern. You can find it here, Cascade Crochet Afghan .And i was thinking i just have to make this one! So i had to brace myself from the struggle i know i have to face along the journey. But u know what? All the tears of frustrating that i almost shed n pain that i had to suffer through all my body parts are truly worth it!

Alrite, until then. thanks for viewing. :) :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids Hat!!!

As requested from my customer, here the hats for her lovely 5-years-old daughter..

Status: SOLD

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pencil Case!!

One of my customer asked me to make a pencil case using the pattern i used to make an afghan (refer 1st pic below) and i quickly agreed..but to my dismay when i finished crocheted it, it didnt turn out the way imagined it to looks more like a make-up bag! pfffftt..well guess she can use it either for stationery or make-up stuff..on the other hand its absolutely soooo pretttyy..i almost didnt want to sell it n want to use as my own make-up bag..well, almost..teeheee..

The colorful granny squares afghan.

The pencil case a.k.a make-up bag.

Length: 6.5 inch
Height: 4.5 inch
Width: 2.25 inch

Status: SOLD

Monday, February 28, 2011

Wasting My Time Away

Guess what! i just reunited with my looooooong lost twins which i happened to meet while i was lolling around with my free time..hehehe..they all of sudden appeared beside me just to complete these new ideas that i had..well aaaallrrrite, not exactly my idea but my friend which she copied from other's idea too..hehehe..enough said lets check out what were me n my twinsss doing..

 Our fav pastime - crocheting, reading n daydreaming.


Here darl, flowers just for u n only. 

thats all folks..hope u enjoy..

p/s: pls ignore the imperfections of the pics. lets just pretend what a fabulous job i did in editing these pics.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Photo Frame

since i got nothing to do in my free time, ive been creating something from my own accessories collections to something utterly cute to decorate my plain white room wall with..The Crocheted photo frame! take a look at these little cuties! *pat my own back*  ^.^

 A closer look. In this frame is my rumate, i call her Faru.

Ehem, this is me with my retarded facial expression. 

My other rumate, Shida doing un-gorgeous look..guess she wont like it when she find out of all photos i chose this one!

thanks for spending a few mins of ur time to view this.
alrite, the end! :D :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sparkle Headband!!

I'm so relieved that i finally finished made these excruciating headbands..I don't think I'll be making these anymore in the near future..I'm done with it..haha..It is sure an attention getter, i can assure u that! how do i know that? well coz I had tried it once.. :) :) anyway check these lovelies out..sparkle, sparkle, sparkle..

This is one of many ways to wear headband and this is my fav way. :)

Color: Brown+Green
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 080

Color: Purple+Lime Green
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 081


 Color: Red+Blue (SOLD)
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 082