Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yup, u heard rite. Thats the word my friend, Yati The Yellow Yarn came up with. Its really suitable for this dont u think.

Look at what my lovely friends gave me!!! Imported yarns and hooks from New Zealand. Yati and Nadila Roslee just finished their 4-year studies at New Zealand. They said they were gonna buy me something for souvenir. And something turned out to be these amazing gifts! I would never thought in a million years will get this kinda yarns for souvenir. Ever. Im speechless and overwhelmed. I have no idea what am I going to do with them. Yet.

Love theseeeee..and the colorss. Yum. 

Flurry red. Very soft to touch. 
No idea what to make with these. Someday someday. 

100% polyamide/nylon - very light.  

Same as above but in purple.

This one comes with free pattern on back of ball band. Coool, if i know how to knit.

Look at the size of it. Big huh.

Its call harmony. its quite apt, isn't it.
Its made of 50% acrylic 50% wool. 

Wendy. 100% bamboo.

Dont forget the hooks. 

You can see how big the hook is. Can u imagine how thick the yarn need to be able to use this?

Thank youuuuuuuu so much!! I really reallyyyyy love them to bits. You guys are awesome! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My name is....

Many friends of mine asked me to crochet something with their name on it. And I always said that i dont know how to crochet alphabets. So one day i found this blog, that gives a tutorial how to crochet the alphabets. After I scrutinized all the techniques it requires me to do it, hey, I can do that. I think.

So I decide to try to crochet one. In the end is not that hard once u know how. Heres my result.

Theres a couple of mistakes here n there but it still turned out okay.

Oh, this was the first time i made a ridges hat. Yay!

Birthday gift

Its a good thing i know how to crochet because then i can make a lot of things to give to my friend as a present. It save me time too instead of going to many shops to buy a gift. Because we women(I would) tend to survey as many shops as possible before we make a decision. U need a prefect gift for a specific person, rite?

Since my friend's birthday was around the corner, I subtly asked my friend what his fave color n so on just to know what kind of thing he likes as a birthday present. So much for subtlety, he figured it out and directly want a RED hat. Well his wish is my command. :)

 Voila, I made this hat for him.

He's soooooo excited when he got this! He's such a dear man. I like being friend with him. :) :) :)

Happy Birthday Is! :) :) :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Granny Maniac.

When i first learnt to crochet a granny square, i had this idea to make a granny square afghan. So i completed the afghan with 12 squares in length n 5 squares in width. Unfortunately it didnt turn out like i imagine it should be because its tooo short for my taste. Therefore i needed to add more squares but i already lost the excitement of it so i just KIV for the future when the urge present itself again.

The afghan that is too short. :(

After a lonely year it resided in my box, i happily took it out to finish it. so i added 2 more rows in each length n width. 

See, now i can use it to warm my feet. :)

Granny Bag

Last year i needed a new bag but i dont want to buy it..n instead i decided to make i found this granny bag n i was thinking, THATS IT!! I want this one..After all the hardwork i had to sew the lining - bcoz i hate this part, n im proud to say ive finished it with flying colors..imagine my joy when i used it for the first time when people kept compliment my bag - even this one lady in the bus asking me where did i buy it. Usually people prefer to ignore other passengers (for me that is). But that moment we kept talking all the way until i dropped off. The experience rejuvenate my inspiration to make more....but maybe next time.

 Im using solid granny square pattern.

The other side of the bag. I love to play with colors. 

Even my former boss asked me to make one for her. Sadly i forgot to take pictures for that one. But im glad she likes it! :) :) :)

Thanks for viewing! Happy Tuesday.. :) :)