Thursday, January 5, 2012


Yup, u heard rite. Thats the word my friend, Yati The Yellow Yarn came up with. Its really suitable for this dont u think.

Look at what my lovely friends gave me!!! Imported yarns and hooks from New Zealand. Yati and Nadila Roslee just finished their 4-year studies at New Zealand. They said they were gonna buy me something for souvenir. And something turned out to be these amazing gifts! I would never thought in a million years will get this kinda yarns for souvenir. Ever. Im speechless and overwhelmed. I have no idea what am I going to do with them. Yet.

Love theseeeee..and the colorss. Yum. 

Flurry red. Very soft to touch. 
No idea what to make with these. Someday someday. 

100% polyamide/nylon - very light.  

Same as above but in purple.

This one comes with free pattern on back of ball band. Coool, if i know how to knit.

Look at the size of it. Big huh.

Its call harmony. its quite apt, isn't it.
Its made of 50% acrylic 50% wool. 

Wendy. 100% bamboo.

Dont forget the hooks. 

You can see how big the hook is. Can u imagine how thick the yarn need to be able to use this?

Thank youuuuuuuu so much!! I really reallyyyyy love them to bits. You guys are awesome! 


  1. Hah this is indeed a yarn-gasmic post asya! I'm glad that you like them all :D
    It's a sad thing that in Malaysia we have very limited choice of yarn to crochet with. Maybe one day you and i should have a yarn shop together. And teach others the rewarding craft of crochet :)