Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pink Granny Bag

I love granny squares. Who doesnt rite? So I made a bag out of it for my sister. She've been giving me hints here and there to make her one. Because I am a good sister I took pity on her. Haha.

 This is the other side of the bag. 

I was using small cute flowers pattern for lining and I sew two pockets inside the bag. I bought a bag handle at Daiso which I cut in half for the handles. Then I sew a zip to secure my sister's stuff from falling out since Im sure she will if I dont bcoz she is such a klutz.

Not very good lighting here. It sucks.

Fluffy hat

Remember this beauuutiful yarns that my friends gave me? Well, finally i had the courage to crochet it (Yay!). It was quite a challenge to crochet this kind of yarn because I never ever use it before. But hey, once u get the drift of it u can do it easily. This hat pattern I created by myself as i went along. This was my first attempt creating my own pattern. Wo hu! Quite brazen of me dont u think? *grins* Thank God it turned out right.

Here's the hat that i've finished. It is soooo soft and light. Very suitable to wear with our weather in this country.

Thanks to my sister for being my model. :D