Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flower Photo Frame

since i got nothing to do in my free time, ive been creating something from my own accessories collections to something utterly cute to decorate my plain white room wall with..The Crocheted photo frame! take a look at these little cuties! *pat my own back*  ^.^

 A closer look. In this frame is my rumate, i call her Faru.

Ehem, this is me with my retarded facial expression. 

My other rumate, Shida doing un-gorgeous look..guess she wont like it when she find out of all photos i chose this one!

thanks for spending a few mins of ur time to view this.
alrite, the end! :D :D

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sparkle Headband!!

I'm so relieved that i finally finished made these excruciating headbands..I don't think I'll be making these anymore in the near future..I'm done with it..haha..It is sure an attention getter, i can assure u that! how do i know that? well coz I had tried it once.. :) :) anyway check these lovelies out..sparkle, sparkle, sparkle..

This is one of many ways to wear headband and this is my fav way. :)

Color: Brown+Green
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 080

Color: Purple+Lime Green
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 081


 Color: Red+Blue (SOLD)
Price: RM 17.00
Code: H 082

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Crocheted Laptop Cover #3!!

This was requested from my friend. so if u guys want to request too please let me know. This cover is suitable for 14' laptop. For measurement please refer to "crocheted laptop cover #1".

Color: Blue+Gray+Yellow (SOLD)
Price: RM 60.00
Code: A 015