Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cascade Crochet Afghan.

Hello loveliesss! Last month i had finish crocheting this beautiful afghan. I have been thinking to make an afghan quite a long time but I just didn't have enough courage to start it cause it seems to be such  a loooong hard work. And this afghan is no exception cause it took me 2 month to finish it. I almost gave up halfway of it but thanks to my friend who verbally helped me n keep listening to my non-stop whining while I was forcing my way 'til the end.

I was just googling around just to give me an idea for my next project n i found this absolutely beauuutifuulll afghan pattern. You can find it here, Cascade Crochet Afghan .And i was thinking i just have to make this one! So i had to brace myself from the struggle i know i have to face along the journey. But u know what? All the tears of frustrating that i almost shed n pain that i had to suffer through all my body parts are truly worth it!

Alrite, until then. thanks for viewing. :) :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kids Hat!!!

As requested from my customer, here the hats for her lovely 5-years-old daughter..

Status: SOLD