Thursday, August 4, 2011

Granny Square Slippers!!!

i love granny square! who doesnt rite? i made the indoor slippers with granny squares after i browsed the internet like a thousand times as for gifts for my friends who was going to graduated LAST YEAR..yes, u've heard it rite, last year..procrastinating, thats me.. =) ive been forever keeping the pictures in my laptop n then this lazy mood struck me ever since until now..sooo here we are!

This was for my best friend in university, Deckie who return back to Sarawak. 

 This beautiful pair went to Naim.

Lastly, i gave this one to my best friend in matriculation, Juliana.

Thanks for viewing guys! =)

Cover Laptop!!!

Hey guys! its been a looooong time since my last entry. Well ive been busy with my training as a Customer Service Executive..n oh how r u guys after 4 days fasting? still standing? =)

Here the cover laptop that my customer ordered..i used the star pattern for this cover as i was just learning about it right then when i got her order..The cover is 11.3 inches in length n 8.5 inches in width..i'm glad she satisfied with it.. =)

 Rainbow! :)

Status: SOLD

*Plz excuse the pic quality..*

Thanks for viewing! n Happy Fasting to any Muslims who dropped by.. =)